Joanna COKE
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Through the National Watercolor Society
invitation to participate in the 2015-16
Shenzhen International Biennial Exhibition
in China, my painting titled, "Bursting" has
been accepted. I am so honored to be selected.

My painting process starts horizontally
with 1 composition.  I then turn it and
paint a totally different floral composition
"on top."  Using opaque watercolors and
negative shapes I establish very unique floral
shapes which results in unexpected color
combinations in the revised form.

I'm learning to put my preconceived thoughts
aside and trying to visualize what the
painting to trying to tell me what it needs.
It is a freeing and frustrating process at the
same time.  But when the results come
together, it is all so rewarding.                                                                                 
 Bursting, watercolor transparent & opaque

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