Art Tips
Joanna COKE
Ascending Vibrations - 2013,  watercolor and gouache on 300# watercolor paper, 13" x 15"
( Used bridge composition and color - temperature warm vs. cool).

These 3 pantings were completed during my recent trip to Springfield, IL.  I gave a 4-day workshop
Color & Composition for Abstracts at the Prairie Art Alliance Gallery & School in Springfield.    
While there I toured the Old State Capital building and used photographs as inspiration for each of the
paintings.  I've included the photo reference along with the finished artwork so that you can compare
color, shapes and composition.
Interlock - 2013, acrylic & collage on canvas board, 16" x 12"
(Used the "T" composition with value changes - light vs. dark color)
The Rotunda - 2013, acrylic on canvas board, 12" x 16"
(Used Claudian composition with color intensity - pure vs. dull color)