As of Aug. 16, 2017

Private Lessons are available and tailored to the student's needs.
For a private 2-hour lesson in your home, the fee is $100.
For a private 2-hour lesson in Joanna's studio in Nokomis, the fee is $85.
Please call to schedule at 941-726-5218.
Painting CUBA Art Tour with Joanna Coke
November 1 - 7, 2017 has been filled.  We are accepting names
on the waiting list.  Please contact Dr. Pedro O. Schuck, Coordinator
for future art trips to Cuba., 978-998-0039.

Beach Palms & Vegetation (Watercolor)  3-Day Workshop    
9:30 - 3:30 each day              Fee:  $295
Mixing and placing greens is one of the most frustrating processes in painting.
So often your finished landscape looks flat and dull.  The palm trees, sea oat grasses
and other vegetation  look too thick or clumpy.  Then this workshop is for you
because you’ll learn:
 How to draw the structure of different vegetation before you paint them.
 How to create more depth through mixing warm and cool greens.
 How to increase your range of values where it counts.  
You will create 2 small artworks the first 2 days to apply the principles given
and demonstrated in the morning discussions.   What you’ve learned on the
1st day will overlap into the next.  On the 3rd day you will create YOUR artwork
using your photo references.
2 Locations:
Alliance for the Arts,  Jan. 18 - 20, 2018  (Demo Jan. 6th, 10:30-11:30)
10091 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33919
To register call  (239) 939-2787

Studio at Gulf & Pine,  Feb. 21 - 23, 2018 (Demo Feb. 8th, 3:00-4:00)
10101 Gulf  Drive, Anna Maria, FL  34216
To register contact Jocelyn Green, Manager -   (941) 778-1906  
COMPOSITION - What to do for each subject
2-day Workshop,  Feb. 15th - 16th, 2018
9:30 – 3:30 each day.  
Limited to 10 students.
Held at:                Art Garden Studio, 500 Wanda Place, Nokomis, FL 34275
Contact Joanna at  Email:  or call   941-726-5218
Fee:                     $180.00
Often a good painting could be much better if the composition was stronger.  
And in many cases it’s the composition that makes the painting.  So how do
you define a great composition with each subject having different needs?  
What makes this workshop unique from others is that visual references shown
have been gathered from many sources and styles per subject matter so that you
have a broader understanding of how to design a good composition.  You will
draw thumbnails as a tool to capture the important points of each composition.
The students will be asked to bring one photograph reference or artwork of each
subject discussed that day.  The group will analyze that reference and apply what
was just learned.
Nov. 2017 - Apr. 2018  Art Center Manatee CLASSES
Register at Art Center Manatee, Bradenton, FL           941-746-2862

Your ART Time  - Special Session
Thursdays 10:00 - 12:30
Are you wanting more personal time for guidance with your art instructor? Are you
wanting to paint a special project but need more feedback on your design? Are there
techniques that you would like to improve upon or try new ones? Is there a specific
topic such as landscape, still life, or abstracts that you need a fuller understanding of
how to paint them? Then this special 4 weeks session is for YOU because the session
is limited to a minimum of 4 students and maximum of 5. This allows each student to
get continuous feedback on their project with more one-to-one exchange of ideas.
The instructor is well versed in all 2D media.
Jan 11, 25, Feb 1, 8

COLOR  Simplified
Tuesday, 9:00 – 12:00
Each session focuses on a different emphasis of color.  Beginning Color  teaches you beyond
the basics with an emphasis of mixing predictable colors.  Mixing Darks  emphasizes
mixing a fuller range of hue and value.   Unique Palettes emphasizes unusual color
Sess 1: Beginning Color – Nov. 14, (no 21) 28, Dec 5, 12, 19  
Sess 2: Mixing Darks – Jan 9, 16,  23, 30, Feb 6
Sess 3: Choosing a Color Palette – Feb 13, 20, Mar 6, 13
Sess 4: Mixing Unique Palettes – Mar 20, 27, Apr 3, 10, 17

Watercolor Design
Monday 9:30 – 12:00
Each session is designed to give the student a new perspective in painting in watercolors
so that YOU can develop your own artistic style.  Demonstrations are given in the 1st class.
Thereafter, the student can choose from their photo references the scene they wish to paint
and apply the techniques they have learned.
Sess 1:  Adding Highlights - Nov 13, (no 20) 27, Dec 4, 11
Sess 2:  Mixing  Neutrals  - Jan 8,  15, 22, 29, Feb 5
Sess 3:  Mountains  -  Feb 12, 19, Mar 5, 12
Sess 4:  Open Session do your project  - Mar 19, 26,  Apr 2, 9 , 16

Oils   OR   Pastels  
Tuesday,  1:30 – 4:00  
You can choose either medium because the process and layering is similar in thinking.   
You can use water-based or regular oils OR chalk pastels but check the supplies to see
what is needed for each.  There will be  specific topic of focus for each class session.  
Sess 1: Mountains – Nov. 14, (no 21) 28, Dec 5, 12, 19  
Sess 2: Mixing Neutrals – Jan 9, 16,  23, 30, Feb 6
Sess 3: Painting Edges – Feb 13, 20, Mar 6, 13
Sess 4: Open Session Do Your Project  - Mar 20, 27, Apr 3, 10, 17

Painter's Choice - Mixed Media with Watercolor, Acrylics & More
Monday 1:30 – 4:00
Each medium has its look.  Layering them creates more unique opportunities.  In each
session,  a  demonstration will be given in a particular medium.  You can choose to make your
artwork in 1 medium or layer  on several more.  So bring your acrylics, watercolors, collage,
colored pencils, pastels or pens to mix it up!   You can follow and create the subject of that
session OR use class time as an open studio for your specific project for individual feedback.
Sess 1:  Dog OR Cat Portraits, Acrylics - Nov 13, (no 20)  27, Dec 4, 11
Sess 2:  People Portraits, Mixed Media - Jan 8,  15, 22, 29, Feb 5
Sess 3:  Abstracts - Feb 12, 19, Mar 5, 12
Sess 4:  Open Session - Do Your Project  - Mar 19, 26, Apr 2, 9 , 16

Register at Venice Art Center, Venice, FL                   941-485-7136

#117  How to Choose Your Color Pelette - Mini-Session
How do you choose a color palette for your painting which may vary from your photo
reference for a reason?  This workshop will show you examples of how to improve your color
choices based upon enhancing the values ande/or changes in color temperatures.  You will also
learn how to mix the colors to give you a wider range of color variations from the original
palette selected.  In the end, you will have a better understanding of why you choose your
color palette.  This workshop is for ALL media.
Feb. 2,   Friday - 9:30 - 3:30

#603  Oils - How to Paint Different Edges
You can use water-based or regular oils for this session.  (Please check supplies
list carefully). Learn how to see & paint different techniques to create soft to hard
edges.  You’ll also learn how to paint a thin line.  Each technique will be
demonstrated so bring small canvas boards to practice.  Then you will apply
what you’ve learned to a painting you’ll create from your photo references. All levels.
Nov 15, (no 22) 29, Dec 6, 13,  Wednesday,   9:30 - 12:00

#604  Oils  (Water-based or Regular)
Learn how to mix your paints to get the colors you really want.  Each session
will cover a specific topic.  Demonstrations will be given to show you how to
apply what you've learned to a painting you'll create from your photo references.  
(Please check supplies list carefully).  All levels.
Wednesdays,  9:30 - 12:00
A- Sess 1  Skies the Limit - Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7
B- Sess 2  Painting Barns - Feb 14, (no 21) 28, Mar 7, 14, 21
C- Sess 3  Open Session, Do Your Project - Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18

#605  Painter's Choice
Each session will focus on how to handle a particular medium.  You can work with 1 medium
or mix it up with several.  So bring your acrylics, watercolors, collage, colored pencils, pens,
etc.  You can also choose to work on your own project as an open stduio with feedback from
the instructor.  All Levels.
Wednesdays,  1:00 - 3:30
A- Sess 1  Painting Soft Colors - Acrylics - Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7
B- Sess 2  Painting Small - Watercolors -  Feb 14, (no 21) 28, Mar 7, 14, 21
C- Sess 3  Open Session, Do Your Project - Mar 28, Apr 4, 11, 18
Joanna COKE