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This painting was just accepted in the
2014 Florida Watercolor Scoiety Online
juried exhibit.  

What makes it different in approach is that
I started painting a horizontal composition
of flowers.  I then turned the painting
vertical and painted a different floral
composition "on top" of the first painting.
Using opaque watercolors and negative
shapes I created very unique floral shapes
with unexpected color combinations.

It was great fun and mostly unplanned so
I needed to be opened to the painting telling
me what to remove and/or add with many
layers in between.

Flower Fancy, watercolor transparent
and opaque with acrylic, 300# Arches

Art Workshop in Tuscany for   $3500 !!!
June 6 - 13, 2015    8 days/7 nights
Meet in Rome to transfer to our Tuscan Villa where we will take daily trips to visit:
- The famous antique market in Arezzo,
- One of the oldest hill towns of Cortona,
- The middle ages town of San Gimignano
- Have wine tasting with lunch in a castle
- Florence's many attractions along with a guided tour of the Academia Museum
- Siena and its surrounding vistas
In each of these locations art instruction will be provided to capture the varied
textures and colors of the Tuscan region.  
Click here for more Travel Workshop agenda/details.

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