Abstract Realism

In today’s contemporary art, mixing up a lot of different media creates very unique visuals.  Starting with an abstract approach, choose a color palette and shapes without thinking too much about it.  Go with your feelings.  Second, give yourself  permission to add different materials to create unexpected texture such as crackle on the left and a dried leaf on the right.  At this point, ask yourself what realistic form could be added that would make sense IN this environment?  For me, I felt that I was sitting in a tree; hence, a bird nesting at tree top.  By letting the materials lead you to an idea of a painting rather than a plan leading your materials, you create more unexpected results and stretch your imagination.  

Joanna Coke is a local professional artist and teacher as well as a member of the Venice Area Garden Club. The club is having their bi-annual flower show event April 5-6 (hours 10 – 4)  and is FREE to the public.
The show is located at the Venice Community Center on Nokomis Street on Venice Island. The theme this year is Fairy Tales. Joanna has painted an entrance display of a large opened book to greet visitors to step back into… Once upon a time. 

Private Lessons are available and tailored to the student’s needs.

For a private 2-hour lesson in Joanna’s studio in Nokomis, the fee is $90.
Please call to schedule at 941-726-5218.